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I’m a Beautiful You life coach + Alimyyah graduate + self-love advocate + happiness seeker + all round wellness junkie.

I work with incredible Muslim Women (like you) who are seeking to create a beautiful life, infused with deep love, fiercely connecting with your heart to manifest your wildest dreams. I gently walk you through limiting beliefs, mindset shifts and challenge deeply held fears with gentle accountability and lots of giggles. (It’s not all so serious 😉 )

If you’d like to rediscover the zest and passion you once embodied for life, head over here and check out my coaching packages on offer. And if you’re a curious little soul like me who loves to connect and discover more about people, continue reading below.

Even though my blog indulges in femininity, pink pastels and positivity, it transpired from a very dark place.

2012 marked the year of my severest depression, a desire to no longer live and a desperate plea to Allah to cease my life. Just when I thought I reached the peak of my iman, it all came crushing down. In the space of a few hours, set the tone of what was the absolute hardest year of my life. When everything in this world lost its appeal and even my own life came into question.

Before depression:

I lived in a bubble. People would always tell me how lucky I am, how easy my life was and how I had no problems apparently! Obviously not true but I did have it easy. I had no idea about pain and hardship. I’d be babbling on about being positive and having a great attitude and people would reply ‘easy for you to say, you’ve never had anything to worry about!’

During depression:

It came after a high period in my life, where I fell sooo deep. All I see was a young girl who was in so much pain. Just before the depression hit, I was in the highest state of my iman. I spent 7+ hours daily studying the best Islamic books in Arabic with some of the most prominent scholars in the UK. I would read Quran daily and bawl my eyes out because it was so touching. I was laser focused on improving my career, family, health and society. Yet, despite all my efforts in the space of a few hours – none of it mattered. It all came crumbing down, one after the other.

This marked the beginning of several months of uncontrollable tears, hopelessness, anger and pain like no other. To the point where I remember so clearly begging Allah to take my life away, whilst I’m still a Muslim because I could no longer guarantee that myself.

When family and relatives would visit, I would lock myself in the bathroom repeatedly to hide my tears. One night as I cried myself to sleep. Hiding under the duvet cover, to wipe away my tears, thinking that this is the lowest point in my life. And that I will never, ever get this low again. Never. That night, I promised myself that I will get out of this mess – I don’t care if it took me 10 months or 10 years, I was going to live to see myself happy. That’s it. I didn’t want the designer bags, fancy houses or luxurious holidays. I wanted to be happy.

So I searched frantically for help everywhere – some of the people that I trusted the most be they scholars, lecturers etc. gave me the worst advice. I remember asking a scholar from Saudi Arabia for advice and his answer was pathetic. “Oh don’t worry about it, just have faith in Allah”.

After depression:

It took me nearly a year and a half to fully get out of this mess. I studied everything I could possibly get my hands on to support me. From life coaching, emotional healing, therapy, counselling, NLP, psychology, tazkiyyah, holistic healing, personal development etc.

I can finally go through an entire day without breaking down or letting small things trigger my pain. It’s forced me to get my priorities straight and appreciate the smaller blessings in life. Without depression I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. I’m more happier than ever. And more stronger than ever. After being on a roller-coaster of misery, it’s the best feeling in the world to wake up and consciously create a life you love.

When I hit rock bottom, I had to rebuild my life from scratch, day by day. I’ve had to be own biggest cheerleader and bestie throughout this journey. I’ve had to re-evaluate and sit with myself hundreds of times to quieten down my inner mean girl and connect with that innocent, open-hearted, vulnerable little girl – that we all have inside of us.


Why Inspired & Fabulous?aboutm1

I quickly realized that most of the advice out there is aimed at men and completely overlooks the fact that women have different emotional needs and approaches to men. This is where Inspired & Fabulous comes in. For women who want to express their passions and creativity to the world whilst being wonderful mothers, ah-mazing wives and deeply passionate women.

It’s about being a multifaceted woman.

Inspired = ambitious, hard working, driven, purposeful, dedication, perseverance, healthy independence  – (masculine qualities).

Fabulous = appreciation, gratitude, embracing the present, compassion, positivity, honouring your rhythm and mood, connection – (feminine qualities).

You can be eye candy + soul food 😉 You can conquer this world in a wonderfully feminine way without sacrificing loving relationships, deen or confining to society’s expectations.

So there you have it – my story in overcoming depression and getting back my life again.

For all that I’ve learnt and for the woman that I am today, I would never take any of it back. Depression was the darkest days of my life. It brought me to my knees and tore every inch of me apart. But I thank Allah for the experience. Without it, I wouldn’t be connecting with you today. Without it, I wouldn’t experience the inner happiness and joy as I do today. Have a wonderful day!


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  1. Such an inspiration. Maasha Allah.
    Alhamdhlihllaahi that you managed to fight the depression and finally you’re out of it.
    So glad that you shared this with us and also glad that I found your blog.
    Also, I just recently started my blog and I’d live if you could check it out.
    Have a good day! 😌

  2. And also wanted to know if the pics are of your desk, if so where you get the stuff from? It’s absolutely gorgeous!

    • I’m guessing your referring to the bedroom picture with the flowers/ accessories on the bed. I bought this stock photography from Etsy, so I wouldn’t know where to recommend to buy the accessories. Sorry xx

  3. Asslamualikum sister, just curious to know what happened to you that was so severe that you went from imaan high to depression suddenly.

    • Wa Aleikum Salam lovely,

      My apologies for the super late reply, that’s something that I’d wish to keep private just because I wouldn’t feel it’s necessary. Thank you for your understanding 💗

  4. Inshaallah pls get me back even if u call me cuz Im really suffering I hate tht these to thoughts re n my mind and it’s really affect my health spritualy and physically strength..😰

    My number is +6158124904

    • Salaam Aisha, thank you for getting in touch. Please book in a free coaching session here: http://www.inspiredandfabulous.org/work-with-me/ that’s the best way that I can support and get in contact with you. Those thoughts sound like a thought loop that your mind is playing over and over again – and with the emotions intensifies each time. The best way to fight those thoughts is to not engage with them whatsoever – it can be hard. When you don’t give it your attention it looses its power over you.

  5. Assalam’Alaikum Sister, beautifully stated and very inspiring. You are right when we ask for advise, we get same response “have faith in Allah ( سبحان وتلا)” which is obvious but that’s it. Otherwise we have to find our own selves and our own path. But Alhumdullillah you are doing well and may Allah ( سبحان وتلا) bless you with more happiness. Aameen

  6. salam aleykom,

    beautiful website mashaAllah
    You said you’ve studied Alimiyya, can you give information where? I am looking for a good one

    Jzk Kheyran

  7. Assalamu aleikum Sister,
    I was very moved by you about page. I too suffered from depression but I was Muslim. I can proudly say I am a revert :). I love the intentions behind your blog it is truly inspiring. MashALLAH. You’ve got a new reader 🙂

  8. Assalamu Alaikum.

    Lovely website.

    But by way of observation, particularly for the “About” section. An introduction is akin to asking clients/readers to place their trust in you, yet outside of the “signature” in nearly illegible font, if I had not seen your name left in another visitor’s comment, how could I have identified you?

    I would love to see in the opening paragraph the inclusion of your name, which would make me, as a reader, feel more comfortable and inclined toward further exploration of the website and what you propose to offer.

    We would conceivably be putting our trust in you, so shouldn’t we be able to clearly identify with you? #JustMy2Cents

    Wa’Salaam Alaikum

    • I have to disagree with you Sis. I personally liked the idea of being virtually known but not identified in reality. This lovely blogger aims is only to share and provide guidance or insights on keeping a positive Muslim women life, based on her own experience – applicable at daily basis, NOT about herself.
      For me, there is NO need for me to see her face, know her real name etc, as it is not the aim here.

      Most importantly, I see that by keeping herself ‘unknown’, it keeps away riya’ and beautifies her genuinity.

  9. Loved this line: When I hit rock bottom, I had to rebuild my life from scratch, day by day…
    Because it is indeed a day by day struggle. It doesn’t change overnight. It takes many days and weeks to finally surface up. May Allah help you through your journey and help you help others through theirs <3

  10. Asalaoalikum,have been to this page before now commenting,MashAllah this is so inspiring. All of us has been the victim of hardships but only a few selected like you are able to rise.
    May Allah have mercy on all of us and provide Aafiat in both of these worlds.
    Remember in your special prayers.

  11. After studying clinical psychology I realized how truly these various illness can be. It is not fake, and not a joke. It is a chemical imbalance that is so very difficult for others to see. I am glad that you were able to endue this difficult experience and get thru it on your own. Keep writing.

  12. May Allah bless you more in your life…I am glad you are no longer depressed..Allah chooses the best for us and guide us to come out of the depression…

  13. I remember reading your about page when I first joined the group. You know Allah chooses how he wants to call you back to him. It’s important for you to keep in mind that that was your way to get closer to Allah. And no one really knows your pain until they go through the exact same thing. So even though they think you have no problem they don’t have the same parameter as you nor do they feel the same so they just can’t relate. I’m so happy you’re no longer depressed. May Allah protect you and grant you Jannah sister

  14. SubhanAllah, it was touching to read your story. Our Hadith teacher says this dua, that O Allah we have displeased the world in order to please you, so now if you are displeased with us, then we will be nowhere, neither here nor there, so please accept us. Actually, when one is really committed to deen, then people start to view you as a good person, and you yourself are ashamed that this “good” person has so many faults inside. It’s difficult to find support from worldly people, however they are the ones we usually interact with. So we just have to find our “Kahf”, our refuge, the place where we get our soul food, and we recharge ourselves, whether it takes a day, a year or several years.
    May Allah bless you.
    Your post reminded me of this article:

  15. Ma sha Allah…May Allah bless you more….and very pleased that finally you are out of it and now fabulously inspiring other’s life.May All your projects be of much more success..and may you get best of both worlds .ameen

  16. I love reading a detailed About me as you can really get to know a blogger and in some cases relate with them. Alhamdulillah I am glad you managed to fight the depression and shared how you dealt with it to help others.

  17. I came here looking for method to get your duas answered by Allah and read your post – 6-spiritual-lessons-from-making-heartfelt-duas.

    Sincerely, love love your writing and may Allah bless you my dear sister.

  18. This is inspiring and fabulous!! I can relate to what you felt and ALL that you wrote sister. And truly Allah understands and gives us the ability to come out of the darkest of darkness. So Alhamdolillah that you took control over the situation. Hugs.

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