We’ve all experienced that feeling of disheartenment when things don’t go our way.

Maybe it’s the disappointment of your dreams falling apart. Maybe it’s a longing that’s yet to happen. Maybe it’s the separation and loss of people from your life, hopes crumbling away and ambitions fading out.

For every external or internal shift in your life, be it like a trembling earthquake that uproots your life or a tremor that leaves you feeling anxious, it creates space for something new – which you need at this given moment in your life.

It gives space for something new.

Resisting and pushing away reality, will only create more resistance. Cry and fight it out all you like, reality is what it is. Allow yourself to feel the raw emotions that come from loss of any sort and then when you’re ready I want you ask a very powerful question to yourself…

What is this creating space for? What opportunity is this giving rise to? What is this making space for in your life right now?

What has this given rise to?

Deep within your heart you know what you’re called for at each given time in your life. Maybe it’s dedicating time to living your passion and purpose or giving up neediness/ dependency on other people. Maybe it’s nourishing yourself with your love and emotional energy instead of other people. Maybe it’s to stop procrastinating and finally step up to follow your calling consistently. Maybe it’s to love beyond the conditions you set upon your heart.

What is it for you?

What is this creating space for? What is this calling you towards?

Once you’ve connected with that calling, follow it. It makes the pain of loss so much more bearable. Whenever something is taken away from you, it creates space for something new to enter in your life.

It’s your journey to discover what that is.

This journal questions is so powerful because it helps you to stop resisting reality. Instead of wishing that things were different or holding onto the past, it gently opens the door to accept what is. Whilst gently looking for the positive. Nothing is ever taken away except that something equally will come your way.

What you think is falling apart is actually being rearranged by Allah to give you what you ultimately want. Ultimately – not today, not even this week or a month but for a lifetime.

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