Sitting on the beach under the shade of the palm trees, drinking an iced mocktail and enjoying the mild breeze swaying past you whilst you admire your loved ones running around and playing under the glorious sun.

Thanking Allah for what He has provided you and smiling at never having to worry about bills again. Never having to worry about the stack of unopened envelopes, which await you when you get back. Never having to live your life from paycheck to paycheck. Never having to work in a 9-5 job again.

Imagine if you could be in that position for the rest of your life.

Just imagine.

What is that worth to you? Can you imagine what life would be like? More importantly, can you imagine what you can do for yourself, for your family and for humanity if you were free.

Well today is the day when your life will change forever and you will remember this day for the rest of your life. What I am about to share with you will BLOW. YOUR. MIND. and then reconfigure it so you never think the same way again.

Sit up and brace yourself.

This is it.

You will break all the imaginary shackles of limitations you have placed upon yourself around wealth and abundance and will be ready to achieve financial freedom.

Follow the steps below and let’s begin!

1) Fixed Mindset Vs. Abundant Mindset

A fixed mindset is one which accepts that it is limited in what it can achieve and tells itself that it is content with it’s financial circumstances and that’s all it deserves. The society we live in is designed to keep us confined to a limited mindset.

Get an education, keep working until retirement, struggle to pay the mortgage, live paycheck to paycheck, borrow off your family, end up with debt and have nothing to show for it. Sound familiar? We can see this around us everyday of our lives, and we feel there is nothing we can do.

However, nothing is further from the truth.

Your current circumstances don’t determine the future. You do.

And this is where we adopt the ABUNDANT MINDSET.

The abundant mindset looks at every problem as an opportunity. Every moment of tension to grow stronger. After all, only under extreme pressure are diamonds formed.

The abundant mindset will see the light at the end of the tunnel, and if there is no light it will create a hole into the tunnel for light to seep in.

Nothing can limit the power of an abundant mindset. It’s believing that the source of all abundance is Allah not you or your circumstance.

What does an abundant mindset look like?

  • Believe you can achieve anything you want even if your circumstances suggest otherwise – trusting that Allah wouldn’t give you a dream/ goal except that He’ll provide the means to achieve it.
  • Accept every problem/ restriction as a new opportunity of growth
  • Be ready to take massive inspired action and get things done: If you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you are getting
  • Using halal means to achieve financial freedom – cutting corners through haram shortcuts is rooted in fear and a lack mindset

2) Read Surah Waqiah Every Night

In a conversation between Uthman and Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud (may Allah be pleased with them both), the latter Sahaba spoke about not fearing poverty for his daughters. Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud (may Allah be pleased with Him) said: “Do you think that after my death my daughters are going to face poverty and hunger? I don’t think so, because I’ve strictly instructed my daughters to recite surah waqiah every night. I’ve heard the Prophet (peace be upon Him) saying: one who will recite surah waqiah every night, will never be needy/poor”.

The Prophet (peace be upon Him) said ‘Whoever recites surah waqiah at night will never encounter poverty’ [Ibn Sunni 620] and “Surah waqiah is the surah of wealth, so recite it and teach it to your children’. [Ibn Asakir]

3) Bulletproof Your Mind

Controlling your thoughts is the key ingredient in developing a bulletproof mind.

You will always be surrounded by noise in your everyday life. Whether it’s your family and friends talking to you or news channels feeding your mind with negativity and apprehension, we’re always bombarded with information.

You have a split second to decide whether this information is nourishing and supporting you or unhealthy and damaging. If it’s unhealthy for you, open the back door of your mind and let it all go.

Protecting the mind is essential in maintaining unshakeable belief in what you can and will achieve. Once the mind is trained to ONLY accept growth, it will then become receptive to deal with great ideas which once looked like a figment of our imagination.

From now on, work on your mindset daily.

Fuel your mind with conviction. Take at least 5 minutes out each day, reaffirming to yourself that you will achieve your goals – it’s already happening. Believe it from your core as self-belief it’s absolutely fundamental in achieving financial freedom.

It’s no surprise that if you read about any successful entrepreneur, every single one of them will say at some point, they believed in themselves before anyone else did.

You don’t have a finance problem. You don’t have a debt problem. You have a mindset problem. If you work on your mindset, the rest will undoubtedly follow. All the financial advice and support will render useless if you don’t believe it possible for you.

4) Write Your Goals On Paper Everyday

Every self-made millionaire started out with nothing. Though they started off as limited in wealth, they were abundant in hopes and dreams. They took inspired action until they reached their goals. Even though they knew what they were reaching for, they wrote their goals down on paper daily.

This repetitive action is designed to do one thing. Make your mind BELIEVE that it WILL achieve the goals written. When your mind truly accepts the goals as a matter of reality, then limbs will follow and only then is it possible to take action like never before and make it happen!

So, I want you to grab a pen and paper. Write down your goals for the next 3 years in the following format:

I WILL reach financial freedom by 2018 InshaAllah

I WILL help others reach financial freedom InshaAllah

I WILL travel the world abundantly in 2019 InshaAllah

If you can write your goals at least once everyday to begin with, you will soon develop your belief to the level of unbreakable conviction – and then the real action will begin! When you fully align yourself with what you want, all sorts of opportunities and miracles come your way because that is what you’re giving out to the world.

You’ve got to believe it in your mind before you see it with your eyes. Interact with your dreams as though they’re already happening. Show Allah with your beliefs and actions that you are absolutely ready to achieve your dreams.

Whatever you believe you WILL achieve.

5) The Power Of Leverage

Every millionaire uses one of the most powerful tools in creating wealth. It is a secret not unlocked by the masses unfortunately. Best of all, it’s absolutely free!

It is called LEVERAGE.

The benefit of joining forces with other people’s skills and knowledge to further one’s progress: J. Paul Getty, the first billionaire in the US said “I would rather take 1% of 100 people’s efforts than 100% of one my own efforts”.

Working together and helping each towards a collective goal ensures everyone succeeds and that…


Do you want to be part of the most amazing and united group of Muslims working together to reach financial freedom?

Do you want to contribute in creating a level of unity amongst Muslims which has not been witnessed in recent history?

If your answer is YES then… welcome to the world of financial freedom and unity.

Congratulate yourself for making the best decision ever! Remember these words. By the end of this year you will feel every word of it!

Click here if you want to join a private group of Muslims shaking up the world of business and creating unity at the same time.

Go through registration and watch the short video, which will give you more information on this unique and amazing opportunity! Make sure to reserve your seat as you will not get another chance of being part of a community, which will create history! Registration closes by the end of August, take this opportunity as your first step to financial freedom and abundance.

Believe it! It will happen! InshaAllah

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27 comments on “How Muslims Can Reach Financial Freedom + Become a Millionaire”

  1. Asalamo alaikom sister,
    I was wondering if you yourself took part in this network? I’m a little apprehensive to try it. Please let me know. Great article!

  2. This is such an amazing article! some really good reality-check kinda points! I knew about the Surah but always tend to forget about it! But Coming to leverage, I know a lot of people benefit from it. But in todays day and age there are VERY few people who will actually come together to work as a team. They’d rather learn the tricks of the trade and all the insider trading secrets and move on on their own way!

    • That’s why I’m wholeheartedly encouraging people to join the leverage program – there’s a huge emphasis on unity, no person left behind + team effort 🙂 You should definitely check the link program out (if you haven’t already). It’s pretty epic 🙂

  3. Ma sha Allah great article. Like you said, it is the mindset that prevents us from thinking any further than our daily life financial stability. Very beneficial tips which I didn’t know before. Jazakallaho khayra

  4. I read Surah Waqiah every Thursday as I have been told by my elders. Never read it daily but I do try to read other verses after prayers.

  5. Great tips! I think the most important one is the “Bulletproof your Mind”. There is so much noise we have to get through each and every day! Thanks for sharing this.

  6. I actually know about this program and the Muslim Entrepreneur Network. Masha Allah they are doing a great job.

    I have actually met the management team too. I was wondering if I should join this program as I received an email about it before. After reading this article I feel more confident about it and I will be joining.

  7. I’m so happy I read this article. Made my day. We all need something like this and to show the world what unity can do. And make money too!! 😀

    I’m thinking of reserving my spot. Hhmm….

  8. WOW!!! Masha ALLAH! This is exactly what I have been looking for! Great Article… the videos just inspired me. So grateful to be a part of such a unique initiative, and only for Muslims too.

    I have signed up. Place secured. Can’t wait for the future. Insha Allah this will bring me financial freedom. I have no doubt…

    Thanks!!! 🙂

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