Every woman should have her own sanctuary.

A goddess sanctuary. A place where you unwind and delve deep into your feminine spirit. An abode that inspires you to live beautifully, infused with unconditional love and one which ignites the inner yearnings of your soul. A place that speaks to your heart and fuels your creativity.

When you enter it you sigh deeply, uttering to yourself ‘Isn’t it amazing to be home?”

Whilst this place doesn’t have to an entire house, it could be a spare room, a balcony, a corner of your passage way, even your kitchen. For me, that special place happens to be my bedroom. It’s my heaven. on. earth. I feel my happiest and most rejuvenated in my bedroom. But it hasn’t always been this way. I’ve had to intentionally work at creating my own sanctuary. What it does for your mind and soul is unbelievable!

Trust me darling, investing in your own sanctuary is not a waste of time. So whilst I’m almost there in creating the perfect sanctuary (with just a few adjustments left), below are a few essentials to creating your goddess abode – it makes all the difference.

  1. White Bed Linen: – If your bedroom is your chosen sanctuary, this is a must. Nothing makes your sanctuary look more sophisticated, welcoming and soothing than white bedding.
  2. Double Duvets: Having two duvets instead of one, gives it a much more luxurious feel. More fluffy and comfortable, which makes it such a relaxing place.
  3. Bed Throw: Other than making your sanctuary look so soft and intimate, it’s great for those days where you want to snuggle up or rest for a short period.
  4. Fresh Flowers/Plants: Do not underestimate the power of fresh flowers – You never need a reason to buy flowers 😉 It does wonders to boost your mood. It brightens up your day and adds a feminine touch.
  5. Pretty Frames: At the moment, I have 4 pretty frames of quotes that I love, It might sound cheesy but it’s an easy, inexpensive way to decorate your sanctuary.
  6. Mirrors: Having big mirrors reflects light and opens up your space.
  7. Yoga Mat: I absolutely love sitting on the ground. Whether it’s on my kitchen floor, in the living room or in my bedroom, I loooove sitting on the floor. It’s so grounding and evokes this innocent, child-like happiness that we all have within us. I prefer to use a yoga mat to sit on the ground but you could easily find a pretty carpet/rug.

So now here is your 3 step plan to creating the most perfect, heart-expansive and soul- hugging sanctuary:

Step 1: Decide on your sanctuary location

Get really creative here. If your living with your in-laws, choosing the garden or kitchen may not be a great idea. If space is an issue, choose a corner of a room and nourish that space with love.

Step 2: Build the foundations

Next, decide on any ‘major’ changes. For example, changing the wall colours (white/cream/light colours always makes the room look bigger), buying new furniture, throwing out old items, rearranging the layout etc.

Step 3: Fill your space with all things nice and lovely

Think fresh flowers, plants, herbs, candles, frames, fairy lights, fluffy pillows, cushions (a must!), throws, blankets, jewellery trays, bean bags, art work, pretty stationary, even cutlery. Use mason jars and acrylic storage boxes. Display your perfume bottles and make-up products.

Other tips:

  1. Keep the trash can out of sight (and out of mind too!)
  2. Always keep a glass bottle of water in your chosen space
  3. Use white – (maybe it’s because I’m personally obsessed with all things white) but it is often associated with innocence, purity, cleansing (think Ihram clothes), simplicity and openness.

There you have it! As always let me know how it goes 🙂 Spending time to organise and decorate my own sanctuary has been such a rewarding experience. There’s nothing like coming home to a place you love, that stimulates your senses and refreshes your mind. It’s addictive! My extended family have to drag me out to go anywhere because I really do love staying at home – it’s my happy place :))


23 Comments on Weekly Inspiration: Creating Your Goddess Sanctuary

  1. This is absolutely wonderful!! I felt at peace just reading about your goddess sanctuary! I must say, I really really need to do this. I live in a very limited space, and finally managed to squeeze myself a little desk for work into the corner of the living room 🙂 I think I will have to work on this space. I love the idea of printing beautiful quotes and framing them with pretty frames. I also love natural and soft colors, white is so beautiful and pure. Thanks for this, so beautifully written with marvelous imagery 🙂

    • Thank you so much Vanessa 🙂

      I completely get you with limited space. I use my bedroom as an office too because my house space is limited. It really is about doing the best you can with the space and time available.

      Let me know how it goes 🙂

    • Yeah even a corner of a garden would do. Whatever you have available for you. I’ve used a cupboard in the kitchen to store superfoods, and nuts in mason jars and even a cute basket to put everything inside. It sounds crazy but it was my little way of having that tiny place within the house that nurtured by sense of being.Hope that helps inshaAllah xx

  2. What a great idea – I’ve never thought of it before! Maybe that’s why I feel stressed in my house and am always looking to escape, haha! I should try this out.

  3. Asalamolikum Hafsa ,
    Great Idea And Great post , i love to apply it when my babies get a little older.LOL.
    I hope u understand.

    • Awww absolutely! Also it doesn’t have to be an entire room or a special, designated place. In the past, I’ve used a cupboard in the kitchen to store superfoods, nuts, dried teas and healthy foods in pretty mason jars and even a cute basket to put everything inside. It sounds crazy but it was my little way of having that tiny place within the house that nurtured by sense of being. Every time I’d open that cupboard and undo the basket ribbon, I was always overly excited -it was a little moment of happiness 😉

  4. I LOVE THIS POST! beautifully written and the ifeas are perfect from experience they do help. I think the best is amazing bedding which instantly relaxes you when you get into bed.

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