whatkindofwomanIsn’t it strange how we plan out our entire lives – our dreams, careers, families, holidays, wardrobes, homes etc. but we never stop to reflect over the kind of woman that we want to be in all of these beautiful facets of our lives? What kind of wife/mother/entrepreneur do you want to be? But before all that, what kind of woman do you want to be?

Whenever I feel stuck and unmotivated, the following visioning exercise is what I come back to. The key is to tap into the feeling. With every question you read, connect with your heart. You already know the dream woman that YOU want to be. Maybe she starts her day with a warm, tight snuggle with her husband before all else.  Maybe she’s the chic entrepreneur typing away on her MacBook, sitting in the apartment balcony with a mug of organic green tea and Millie’s cookies (for a little treat!).

It’s the small details that light you up.

Feel into that vision. Sometimes I spend a few minutes re-grounding myself in that vision. Other times, I get a little creative and create a journal of pictures that represents that ideal woman to me. Do what works for you.

What kind of woman do you want to be?

What is she passionate about?

What makes her smile?

How does she spend her morning?

What is her personality like?

Is she chic and oh so sophisticated?

Or does she prefer a laid back ‘beach girl’ kind of vibe? 😉

How does she spend her day? Doing what, exactly?

Is she known for the warmth in her smile or the sparkle in her eyes?

What does she dress like? At home? Outside? At the gym?

What makes her happy?

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12 Comments on What kind of Woman do you want to be?

  1. Oh wow, that really is something to think about. The kind of woman a want to be, I’ve never really wondered that before but it will definitely have me thinking!

  2. Life is crazy….before marriage and after marriage…before kids and after kids….but going through the questionnaires mentioned above…I was like….where I am???? This is indeed an enlightening post…

  3. Sometimes you want to be a few, but the. Sometimes you’re just happy to be the one who likes to enjoy a pleasant scenery with a book or even journaling away.
    When I was newly married I hardly had time for self but now I try and connect with self and write Alhamdulillah. It’s therapeutic.

    A good reminder sis.

  4. I love this reflective post. In our busy lives, it is important to have these reminders that serve to ground us of who we are and who we are striving to be. Thank you!

  5. As a mom, it’s definitely easy to forget “self love.” In fact it could become the last thing on my mind, is “myself!” This is such a great reminder!

  6. Oh this is so true. We always think of everything we want for ourselves but we don’t always consider the type of person we want to be. Beautiful post mashaAllah it really got me thinking 😉

  7. Aw I really enjoyed reading this and just taking stock for a moment, thinking about myself and whether I am, or if I am at least heading towards, the woman I want to be. We’re always dreaming about the perfect spouse, or perfect home, or perfect children etc. What about the perfect self? 🙂

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