Want to glow from within + radiate love + live

your wildest dreams? Well, look no further



Hello Beautiful,

I’m a  Beautiful You life coach + Alimyyah graduate + self-love advocate + happiness seeker + all round wellness junkie.

I work with incredible Muslim Women (like you!) who are seeking to create a beautiful life, infused with deep love, fiercely connecting with your heart to manifest your wildest dreams.

I gently walk you through limiting beliefs, mindset shifts and challenge deeply held fears with gentle accountability and lots of giggles. (It’s not all so serious ;))

Hey beautiful, does any of this sound familiar?

You’re tired of waiting. You’re tired of waiting for the job promotion, the dream man, the perfect marriage, the next baby in order to feel complete. You’re tired of putting yourself on hold.

You feel disconnected to your heart, soul and body. You know that you here for something greater and no matter how hard you try to push and ignore that calling – you can’t seem to let it go. You’re yearning for something more.

You want to be free from your inner mean girl chatter and live your life fearlessly, placing your complete trust in Allah. You’ve had enough of mentally imprisoning yourself with thoughts that feel impossible to let go of.

You want to wake up happy, full of love and joy – regardless of the number of digits in your bank account, irrespective of your waist to hip ratio or your marital status.

If you’re missing the passion for life, the child-like curiosity and wonder to explore and create a beautiful life – filled with inner nourishment, emotional fulfilment and overflowing with self-love (which results in flourishing in all other areas of your life), you’re exactly where you need to be.

lifecoaching1x Uncovering your true purpose – it blows my mind away when I see my clients finally click and connect with their calling. Often they’d say things like ‘I thought I wanted this but actually my heart is calling me to something else’. – POWERFUL stuff.

x Mastering your inner mean girl – Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. So when your thoughts are clouded with fear and desperation, guess what’s going to show up? I’ll teach you how to step back in control of your life and never feel trapped by your thoughts again.

x A positive and loving relationship with yourself by developing a healthy foundation of self-love.

x A personalised goal setting plan, kick-ass vision and proven strategies to get you there.

x Gentle accountability to keep your goals at the forefront of your mind. Remember the new years resolutions you set back in 2009? Yep, we’ll keep a track on those too 😉

x A support system to keep you inspired, motivated and uplifted. I’ll be the bestie that keeps you on track, gives you heaps of inspirational tips and supports you 110%.

Whilst you bring the agenda to your life coaching sessions, there are certain pillars that we unearth and touch base in all coaching programs.


If you treated yourself as the best version of you, what would change? Think of someone you love soo deeply. How do you treat them? How do you speak to them? Would you ever make nasty comments about their weight, appearance or behaviour? NO WAY! right? Self-love is when treat yourself like that special person. When you love yourself so deeply that you assess, respect and nourish your emotional, physical and spiritual needs.


Where do you stand before Allah? Your relationship with Allah is the backbone to the way you experience this life. Do you think positively of Allah? Or are you trapped by depressing, negative thoughts that are weakening your iman? If you suffer in this area of life, I can guarantee you that other areas in your life will suffer too.


All the cold pressed, organic green juices in the world means nothing if you don’t feel that you here for something greater. You could have all the financial stability and career success possible yet still crave that feeling of purpose and value. Where in this lifetime of yours, could you be of service to others?


How you eat is often a reflection of how you feel about yourself. A woman who invests in herself, nourishes her relationship with Allah and feels on track with her life is less likely to binge and gorge on meals without taking a second to breathe. What are you really after? If food wasn’t the only solution, what would it be?


When every cell in your body is tingling from the adrenaline rush of completing an exercise class or a yoga session, it changes your entire chemistry. Movement is powerful. Whilst all the changes you make are entirely yours, as a coach I can’t help but recommend and encourage daily movement. Once you feel so good and energized, you won’t stop either 😉


What would you set your heart on if you knew you couldn’t fail? The crux of coaching is setting goals that inspire the heck out of you 😉 And then creating a strategy to step up and live your dream life. We all know that the path to happiness and success isn’t as simple as do A, B, C, and voila! Your life experiences have taught you that there are twists, turns, obstacles, heartbreaks, breakdowns, meltdowns, frustrations and often the desire to give up.

As a life coach, I’ll support you in overcoming these obstacles that stand in your way. We’ll unravel habits and thoughts patterns that are keeping you stuck, challenge limiting beliefs to allow you to feel free in whatever is currently holding you back. It’s all about becoming the woman you need to be in order to get you to where you need to go.

Option 1: 3 Months Life Coaching

Includes a free 30 minute coaching consult.

6 bi-weekly coaching sessions over the course of 3 months. Each session will last for 60-min over a Skype call. You’ll have access to email coaching in between sessions + any resources (books, worksheets, hand-outs etc.) that we agree upon.

The full cost for the 3 months transformations is £450.

Who is this best for?

You’re ready to make strides in your personal and professional life. The changes that you make will revolve around short to mid term goals that will challenge you to rise up yet be achievable within the time frame. This is about changing the direction and flow of your life.

Option 2: 6 Months Life Coaching

Includes a free 30 minute coaching consult.

12 bi-weekly coaching sessions over the course of 6 months. Each session will last for 60-min over a Skype call. You’ll have access to email coaching in between sessions + any resources (books, worksheets, hand-outs etc.) that we agree upon + 60-min coaching follow up bonus used within 3 months of completing your program.

Who is this best for?

You’re seeking long-term change. This is about lifestyle design. Re-designing your life and yourself over the course of 6 months. Consider this your life overhaul and setting the foundational stones to being the most incredible, glowing woman of your dreams for the rest of your life. Once you feel it, there’s no going back.

The full cost for the 6 months transformations is £900.

Let’s begin with a free 30 minute coaching session!

In this call we’ll dive deep into the transformation your seeking and whether my coaching packages would be right for you inshaAllah.


”Inspired and Fabulous” came to my life when i was really a mess inside out! I just wanted help, and I didn’t know how! One day I wrote to a random page on facebook, and I wrote that I needed help! And it was ”Inspired and Fabulous”, I new she had depression before and has been through all of that! And she wrote about it, I didn’t know she was a life coach! The weird thing is that day just after I wrote to her, I was crying my eyes out and talked to Allah, please give my a life coach! Please help me! And subahneAllah She came, after she has coached my in 3 months! I can see the different part of me has changed. I can bee around a lot of people now, without being scared! I don’t pretend to be someone else! I am just me! She taught me to say good affirmations, and I did that, and I feel really good! I have now more control over my mind, and have more control over it J and the last thing she is a wonderful person! I recommend her a lot! 3 words I will describe the coaching is: 1) Sweet and lovely 2) Mind changing! 3) Strong feminine energy!”  – Sister Sara

“I must say I benefited from our sessions because they occurred in a moment in my life that was extremely difficult. I felt stuck, scared and very overwhelmed by my emotions. It was great to talk to a sister who doesn’t judge you and who is very understanding. Even thought we couldn’t see each other, I could feel and hear your empathy in your voice. The sessions were extremely helpful in providing me have more clarity and a step by step plan to tackle the situation I was going through Alhamdulilah” – Sister Binetou

“Today is a day that’ll be etched in my memory for a long time to come. After all, it isn’t everyday that you are prodded towards a door that opens to self-love. @inspiredandfabulous thank you. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers.” – Sister Rooshna

“Alhumdulilah praise God I had a wonderful free life coaching session with @inspiredandfabulous today. She shook me up and rattled my cage, leaving me plenty to work on.” – Sister Karimah

“Umme Hafsa is an inspired teacher and her enthusiasm shows in her course material. Ma shaa Allah, tabarakAllah. I love how she adds bits of her own life to illustrate certain points. The storytelling aspect touched my heart and helped me dive deep into the course to extract the lessons. The course material is neatly organized and well paced. The Islamic references given to clarify the lessons make this course  suitable for Muslims and this is an important factor missing in self-development courses designed by non-Muslims. I highly recommend this course to those who are interested in self-development from an Islamic point of view.” – Sister Sanjida

“I just want to say thank you. Thank you for the love, hope and inspiration I feel whenever I read your work. The profound words, the immense love and understanding are just the tonic that’s needed, most days, sometimes always. When life’s activities box me in, like a dhl package encashed under endless, copious amounts of brown cello tape. You know, the heavy duty kind….. It is your words, kindness, your this beautiful blog that gives me hope. Hope I’m desperately always searching for, desperately in need of. There is always a paragraph, a page that resonates so deeply, it’s the beacon of light I’m looking for…So thank you to you and all your hard work, it’s the float that’s keeping me above sea level…..especially in the dark hours, when everything is still….until the next storm, or the one that’s just rocked up, having shattered everything to the core” – Sister Ferhana

“Your words inspire me so much. They give me hope when i have none. I feel i can relate to you.  I wish you were my friend and i lived closer to you hehe. I would love to be in your company.” – Sister Subuhi

“I found the coaching session to be thought provoking and insightful. I now feel empowered to lift the lid of my self-doubt and achieve greater results in my job.” – Sister Kemie

“I am a regular reader of your blog & have been following you on social media for the past few months, so I am familiar with your story. You are massively inspiring & although I cant claim to have gone through what you have, there are similarities in the struggles. I literally f e e l all the positivity, light and joy your online presence radiates…I actively started understanding the role my surroundings and personal well-being played to achieve my goals. I am not all there yet but I hope to be consistent and aim to put myself first wholeheartedly and without regret. I hope one day to achieve the self love that you exhibit inshaAllah” – Sister Naureen

Where do the sessions take place?

All the sessions take place over Skype – thus accessible all over the world. It’s free and easily downloadable on phone or desktop use.

Can I request a refund?

Absolutely! After the first coaching session, if you feel that this isn’t right for you, I’ll gladly offer you a full refund within 14 days. This only applies to the 3 months transformation program and 6 months transformation program.

I want to know more, what are the next steps?

The first step is to book in a free 30 min coaching consultation using the form above. In this session, we’ll look at what you’ll like to achieve through coaching and whether I’ll be the most appropriate coach for you.