“Today is a day that’ll be etched in my memory for a long time to come. After all, it isn’t everyday that you are prodded towards a door that opens to self-love. Thank you. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers.” – Sister Rooshna


What is the 1-1 Coaching Session?

A 60 minute coaching call fuelled with self-love, intuitive guidance, emotional and spiritual tools to breakthrough whatever is holding you back right now. Think talking to your bestie but with heaps of wisdom, coaching support, getting to know yourself, connecting with your heart and moving through your inner struggles in a safe and open space.

What’s included?

+ 1-1 coaching + mentoring
+ 60 minutes over Skype call
+ Follow up email coaching
+ Worksheets or resources as needed

What can you expect from working with me:

+ Connecting to your heart’s centre – call it your intuition/ divine guidance/ soul’s calling/ heart’s knowing… this stuff is powerful. When you’re connected to your heart and living from that heart energy, you become a powerful magnet for all of your desires. It’s showing Allah with your heart, your life and your actions that you trust Him not just with your words.

+ Dealing with the root cause not the side effects – one of the many reasons why I love coaching, we’ll get to the root of it. All the time management tools, productivity tips and success advice mean nothing if your heart isn’t in it. With coaching clients, I never work on surface related issues because if you don’t get to the heart of it, the problem will reappear until you address what’s really going on.

+ An intuitive path for you – as much as I love sharing all this juicy content on self-development, no two people are the same. In our call, we’ll look at your specific circumstances – your fears/ setbacks/ thoughts/ beliefs and work towards creating a unique path for you. Feeling motivated means nothing if you can’t apply it to your life.

If you feel called to dive deep into the exciting world that awaits you, grab yourself a cup of green tea – organic of course! ;), a pretty notebook to write down all your precious insights and heart-felt actions and let’s begin, bismillah!